Saturday, December 13, 2008

Screen Wall - Time To Design New Talent Award 2008

In September 2008 I won the Time To Design - New Talent Award, which allowed me to work for three months at the National Workshops for Arts and Craft in Copenhagen, Denmark. While many of our other projects use CNC-milling to achieve porosity, this project is based entirely on old-school wood-working techniques and details. More than 1500 blocks of wood were cut on a band saw, glued together four and four, sanded and routed, and finally assembled in a double-layered screen wall. The wall measures 10.5’x3.5’, with a height of 6.5’, and is made of alder wood.


room-for-inspiration said...

This is really beautyful! Great how you have integrated the basic (oldschool) woodworking techniques in the design.

Anonymous said...

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