Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drawing in Large Scale - Series 1

drawing 1.1

drawing 1.2

drawing 1.3

This is a series of drawings I began two years ago following a trip I took to San Francisco; I ended up going to see the de Young Museum. There was an exhibition of Ruth Asawa's work which affected me in a profoundly visceral way. I should really say these drawings were inspired by her work and her drawings. Each one has taken a few months to complete; it was very much a meditation for me. I would come home from work and draw for a few hours. They are posted in the order they were completed. Following the black and white palate of the ones shown above, I turned to color. Those drawings will posted at a later date. Currently, I am working on a new series with a little bit of experimentation. It takes me a long time to be courageous.

I am uncertain as to what I should do with these drawings. I was thinking they would make pretty nice greeting cards.

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