Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Box Theater Project - Introduction

I am going to show some photos of a project we are currently working on; we have long been developing this path, both on our own and together. And within the last year we decided to join forces, as two heads are always better than one. This is an ongoing project in which we are experimenting in many different directions and mediums. Inspired by geometric designs and the way they convey effects of rhythm and celestial atmosphere, we sought to re-implement texture and decoration into contemporary architectural space. Geometric patterns, because of their repetitive characteristics, have always lent themselves to mass production especially in textiles, fabrics and various other surface treatments. It started with a study of hand drilled material in comparison to machine and computer drilled material, and understanding the characteristics of the computerized milling system as an equally disciplined tool.

We began to experiment with various types of materials, no longer just different types of wood, but materials that coordinate well with the machine. The material we are using for this project is called Polyethylene, a plastic used in products such as the plastic shopping bag. The panels themselves are very translucent and the material tends to have a wax like quality which makes them particularly friendly to mill.

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